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Krishna Vamsy Scolding His Hero!

Published: Wed 26th Oct 2016 01:47 PM

Krishna Vamsy Teaching Lessons To Sundeep Kishan on Nakshtram

Sundeep Kishan Learning Acting Lessons From Krishna Vamsy
Sundeep Kishan Learning Acting Lessons From Krishna Vamsy

Working with Krishna Vamsy is not same and easy as working with other directors. This creative personality might have fallen back in market demand but when it comes to his working style, right from light boy to producer, everyone will have to fold the hands obeying his orders as if standing in front of a strict headmaster. Such is austere protocol maintained even for his current outing ‘Nakshatram.’

First man who seems to have affected more with Krishna Vamsy’s code of conduct is hero Sundeep Kishan. A buzz from ‘Nakshatram’ team says that, KV expressed his discontent openly on the poor acting skills of Sundeep in front of entire crew. Being a hero with approximately 10+ movies experience, Sundeep wasn’t able to tune with KV. 

Multiple takes by this young actor for simplest of scenes are annoying director to core. KV is known to have scolded Sundeep couple of times questioning on what have you learnt in 8 years career span? Yet this is a new learning experience for Sundeep and he is remaining obedient. This could be the basic reason why ‘Nakshatram’ is lying on sets from long. 

In the company of seniors like Prakash Raj and extremely talented director KV, definitely ‘Nakshtram’ can be a phase changing film for Sundeep Kishan and a chance to strengthen his basics. Its worth to remind the Telugu saying, ‘Uli Debbalu Thintene Raayi Shilpam Ayyedi.’


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