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Kajols marriage to Ajay shocked her best fri


In a recent talk show Actress Kajol revealed a lot of interesting details about her personal life which the public hardly knew about. Her best friend Mickey Contractor who was on the show with her also revealed how he was shocked when Kajol revealed that she was going to marry Ajay Devgn. He revealed that he asked Kajol, “Why? What? Why now? She was 23! The first time when she told me about him, I was quite shocked frankly because I don’t know Ajay Devgn that well. I didn’t know him that well them, maybe I know him a little better now. But just a little bit better. I never imagined Kajol and Ajay together, as a couple! She’s very different from what he is" he said. On the same show she also made a huge confession on her cooking skills. She said on being asked if she can cook: “Vaguely. I have every restaurant on my speed dial, I know how to give instructions to my cook! I will not starve, in other words.”

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