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Earlier stories used to be born from ideas and thoughts. After that they were born in Bangkok beaches, Malaysia streets and costly hotels. All of that is not necessary at present. If you have the ability to turn the stories of two three movies into one you can write any number of stories. Come let us see if the film “Kashmora”, which belongs to the above mentioned category, is a hit or a miss at the Tollywood box office.

Cast and Crew:

Karthi played the lead role in the film which has been directed by Gokul. Actresses Sri Divya and Nayanthara have been casted against Karthi as the female leads in the film which has been produced on Dream Warrior Pictures banner. S R Prakash Babu and S R Prabhu produced the film for which Santosh Narayanan composed the music.


Kasmora (Karthi) tries to seize the ghosts with the help of deception for money. Everyone loves him for his tactics. Yamini (Sri Divya) performs research on ghosts. She joins hands with Kashmora and tries to know the secrets which are related to ghosts. Kashmora deceives a political leader who conceals RS 500 Crore with him.  

Kashmora’s family tries to settle in some other country with the money but Raj Nayak’s soul stops them and asks them to come to his fort. To know who Raj Nayak is and to know the remaining story one should watch the film.

Analysis :

Talent of the cast:

Kashmora is Karthi’s one man show. He will be seen in each and every scene of the movie. He entertained the audience with the help of Kashomara’s role as much as he scared them with the help of Raj Nayak’s role. He played the role of a hero as well as a role of an antagonist. Karthi’s entertainment is the highlight of the film. Nayantara has got a limited role and she satisfied the audience with her performance. The fight between Nayantara and Karthi is one of the major attractions of the film. Sri Divya’s role was limited and Vivek competed with Karthi in entertaining the audience. 


There were only two songs in the film and both of them were not that great. Santosh Narayanan’s back ground music’s strength could be seen in flashback episode and in horror sequences. The makers have spent huge amount of money for visual effects. The film reflected the hard work of the artists and the cameramen. Few scenes should have been trimmed as it feels a bit lengthy. Clarity was also missing in some scenes and few dialogues were difficult to understand.


CineDhol Perspective :

If you ignore the excessive length and a few glitches here and there, Kashmora is a time pass ntertainer which can be given a shot this Diwali weekend.

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