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Ism Has Its Own BO Target!

Published: Thu 20th Oct 2016 10:41 AM

Puri Jagannath, Kalyan Ram Ism Hitting Screens Tomorrow

Ism Releasing Amidst Good Buzz
Ism Releasing Amidst Good Buzz

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s ‘Ism’ hitting screens tomorrow created a positive vibe all over. Both hero and director interacting closely with media further helped it to get closer with common public. Of course, ‘Ism’ is surely to get significantly a wider focus among all the movies slated to grace theaters simultaneously by tomorrow morning shows.

How far this wide focus can be converted into currency at ticket counters is the crucial factor to decide the film’s fate. Kalyan Ram gained a new commercial identity with hit ‘Patas.’ He lost track somewhere again with last release. Now, NKR worked hard again by building six packs taking lot of physical strain preparing for a sincere journalist character.  

A positive post release talk for ‘Ism’ can make it a cakewalk to create top records in Kalyan Ram career. Then Puri Jagannath brand value comes to play. Opening revenues are obviously expected to be good because the film has got enough buzz in market. How far Puri punched his intelligent and intellectual mark on NKR will have to be wait and seen.


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