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Final Fake Shares Should Be Ignored

Published: Tue 25th Oct 2016 11:28 PM

They Should Avoid Fake Shares in Closing Business!

Final Fake Shares Rocking!
Final Fake Shares Rocking!

Movie lovers always wish to get authentic information of the shares of big films. Unfortunately, their wish appears to become a mirage due to the spread of hiked shares by the filmmakers and their PR team. 

Those people, who wish to spread Fake Shares of films, usually, start hiking the shares from day one which lead to gradual increase of Fake Shares on day two, day three, first week and finally closing business. 

For an instance, some of the super hit films of recent times collected just Rs.14.50 crores share in Nizam area in their full run. However, final closing shares of those films were showcased as Rs.19 crores for the area. Also, overall genuine shares collected by those films were close to Rs.65 crores. But then, Rs. 16 cr. to Rs.17 crores hike of shares were recorded at the end. Analysts say, movie lovers should be aware of such box office tracking media which spread final fake collections of films.


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