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Dos and Donts of Fans Debates!

Interesting and healthy debates among the Fans of heroes about the stardom and statuses of their heroes at the box office can be encouraged. But then, these debates, some times, lead to ugly brawls. Following are the dos and don’ts to be followed for a healthy debate among the Fans about their heroes.


* A person who participates in a discussion should possess a right attitude and wisdom.

* He needs to acquire great command over the subject which he is to debate.

* Tolerance should definitely be a weapon in debates. 

* One should listen to one’s argument completely and should give a retort/reply to other person.

* Some times, he needs to accept the views expressed by his opponent. 


* Some people participate in discussions in spite of not having any knowledge on the subject which they discuss. Better stop discussion with them.

* Some people have foul mouth. If their argument is proved wrong, they want to get the victory in the discussion either by hook or by crook. As such, they use abusive words (boothulu) on opposition heroes and the people who argue against them. Debates with these people shall not be encouraged.

*. Some people exhibit extreme emotions during discussions. One should stay away from them because they may dare to do anything which harms to the society to the core.

* Some peole’s argument is based on caste factors. One should not encourage such debates.

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