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CBNs MLA Ranking Based on These Rules?

Published: Fri 07th Oct 2016 06:18 AM

Rules Followed for MLA Rankings!

MLAs Get Rankings
MLAs Get Rankings

The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has given rankings to all the Mlas of the party who include the cabinet ministers. Every MLA was given the rank card in a sealed cover and was asked to keep it confidential. They were also directed to open the covers only when they were back to their constituencies. No one has clear idea on what basis the rankings were given. According to political analysts, following criteria might have been considered for the rankings. 

* Mlas who prefer more publicity on the works being implemented by them, irrespective of the pace of the work. Even though they haven’t done any work but made sure media being managed excellently by them, higher order rankings were offered to them.

* Mlas who are ready to donate party funds at any time might have been given prime importance in presenting better rankings.

* Particular caste’s Mlas might have been honoured with better rankings. 

* Mlas, who showed loyalties to the core to top brass such as CBN and Nara Lokesh, were respected with better rankings. 

* Most of the Mlas paved the way for the party’s top politicians to receive their share of money in various developmental programs and projects, They might have been respected with better rankings.


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