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Can Big B Add Any Value To Raitu?

Published: Thu 20th Oct 2016 11:00 AM

Can Amitabh Bachchan Be Of Any Value For Balakrishna Raitu?

Balayya Met Big B For Extended Cameo in Raitu
Balayya Met Big B For Extended Cameo in Raitu

At a time when Amitabh Bachchan himself distanced away from commercially high budgeted subjects playing safe with concept based flicks in Bollywood, how would the basic purpose of roping him into Balakrishna’s 101st film ‘Raitu’ can be served in Telugu? 

Balayya and Krishna Vamsy made a sensation yesterday by meeting Big B in Mumbai while working on ‘Sarkar 3’ sets. The message wasn’t clear till evening when the news broke out on Krishna Vamsy briefed the outline of ‘Raitu’ story to Big B and took his nod for an extended cameo in the movie to be produced by Bhavya Creations.

Undoubtedly, ‘Raitu’ will be a commercial film with strong social message for farmers. Balayya can be a best fit as protagonist and one would have no cross queries. But, how good and what’s the big difference Big B’s presence can make for this film can be a still doubtful question. Moreover, who will dub for Amitabh’s voice? How great can be his crowd pulling capacity? How much will be his remuneration? The best Big B can be used is to generate enormous hype on paper.


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