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Ash speaks on kissing onscreen

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been the talk of the town for her bold avatar in her newly released movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil came as a surprise to everyone. Talking about onscreen kissing, she said, "When Bride And Prejudice happened. It had a kiss in the script. But I said Gurinder (Chadha) we can avoid it because it isn’t crucial to your story.

And you don’t miss it between Martin Henderson and me at all. During that phase, I also did Shabd. There wasn’t a kiss but there was intimacy shown by a female director (Leena Yadav). (Laughs) We filmed it in a way and joked that it could be my show reel to the West. I was okay with projecting intimacy without contact. Because I knew how much a kiss with me would be discussed. We came to Dhoom, 10 years into my career, by which point a kiss had become a familiar sight.

So with the changing times, you consider what could be shocking or not with a sense of responsibility. A social and visual comfort comes with the changing times. You gauge that keeping your comfort space in mind. When I did the kiss in Dhoom, we decided to treat it in a scene. There’s a dialogue in the kiss. It’s not like there’s a crescendo music and just a kiss. Hrithik and I don’t run into each other’s arms."

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