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Akkineni Family Shuns Religion

Published: Sat 01st Oct 2016 05:11 PM

Naga Chaitanya on Samanta Religious Concersion

Samanta Religious Conversion Gossips, Chaitu Answers
Samanta Religious Conversion Gossips, Chaitu Answers

Against few gossips circulated in media circles from last days about Akkineni family convened a Pooja ceremony to convert a Christian religious Samanta to a Hindu, here is the final clarification from none other than Naga Chaitanya. Amidst the happy moments in Akkineni family members with two weddings of Akhil, Shriya Bhupal and Naga Chaitanya, Samanta coming up; how far the discussions on religion and caste are healthy.

‘These photos seen in media have nothing to do with religion and conversion. Actually, my dad was convening a Pooja ceremony at Annapurna Studio sometime back. Samanta and I went there. So, dad asked to me sit for Pooja because it was a family ritual. When I love a person, there’s no way religion or caste hinders the relation,’ Chaitu said.

With these words, the message is loud and clear. Akkineni family shuns religion. There’s something beyond caste and religion… its love triumphs over all. Naga Chaitanya, Samanta are planning to enter into a wedlock very soon in early next year.


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