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Ajit Doval: Brain behind Surgical Strikes

Published: Sat 01st Oct 2016 10:11 AM

Ajit Doval, NSA to PM Modi is Man Behind Surgical Strikes

Ajit Doval, NSA to PM Modi Gives Befitting Reply to Pak
Ajit Doval, NSA to PM Modi Gives Befitting Reply to Pak

Ajit Kuma Doval, 5th and current National Security Adviser to PM Narendra Modi is the name resounding in India or say throughout the world for Indian Army’s well planned surgical strikes across the LoC. 

‘Do not hesitate, fire at your will. If they fire one bullet on us, you respond them with two,’ Ajit Doval summoned the BSF giving them full rights to go firing with full force even on slightest provocation from Pakistan rangers. This is the most aggressive offensive defense strategy followed by BJP Government in its entire ruling period till now.  

This sort of moral boosting strategic moves from Indian officers kept Pakistan in frustration. There is an operational alert all the way from Jammu to Gujarat as Ajit Doval is closely watching the proceedings expecting Pakistan to take further action.     

Ever since Doval was appointed as the National Security Advisor, reports from National media say that there is a clear shift in India’s policy against Pakistan. As India moved out of its policy of strategic restraint, BJP garnered unique and unanimous support from all the political parties and most importantly from common people. All this should be credited to Ajit Doval.


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