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Actress lashes out at the media!


Bollywood actress Preity Zinta took to Twitter to talk about the excessive media attention these days. She says she does not like the way photographers pounce on her to take pictures as it makes the actress uncomfortable. The 41-year-old star slammed the increasing paparazzi culture in the country, saying these days no one politely asks for a photograph. She tweeted, "Stepping out in Mumbai is not fun any more; photographers just pounce on you. No one politely asks for a photo any more. They actually scare you". She further said that photographers should not "make news" saying that stars misbehaved with them, because if their bodyguards push lensmen, they have a valid reason. Bollywood seems to be struggling for composure and equilibrium in the face of a rising paparazzi culture. Apart from Preity, celebs like Rani Mukerji, Akshay Kumar and Jaya Bachchan have also objected the paparazzi invasion. In August, Rani Mukerji reportedly yelled at photographer who tried to take pictures of her eight-month-old daughter Adira. Rani, 38, snapped at the lensmen, demanding they stop snapping her young daughter. Adira, born to Rani and Aditya Chopra in December 2015, has been fiercely shielded from the public gaze so far.

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