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Will There Be Nani in Eega Sequel?

Published: Tue 27th Sep 2016 01:48 PM

No Place For Nani in Eega Seuqel

Nani Wants Eega Sequel From Rajamouli
Nani Wants Eega Sequel From Rajamouli

Nani’s career took a sharp turn after working with SS Rajamouli on ‘Eega.’ Agreed that Nani is not hero of this project but the way his character left a long lasting impression in Jakkanna’s direction made him a star hero. Samanta, VFX on one side and Nani’s brief appearance on the other side, such was the impact. Later on, Nani effectively banked on this flick’s super hit talk and went on signing projects which came his way.

Now when Rajamouli made a cameo appearance in Nani’s last release ‘Majnu,’ once again people started to discuss about ‘Eega’ sequel. ‘Whenever I meet Rajamouli sir, I keep on asking him about ‘Eega 2.’ I feel happy reading reports on ‘Eega’ sequel everyday in different media forms. There’s no update about the sequel but as a fan of ‘Eega,’ I want the sequel to be done,’ Nani said.

Technically, Nani won’t have a role to play in sequel because he is dead in first part. ‘I know that I may not be a part of sequel but I still want this film to be made. I am eagerly looking forward for Rajamouli sir to take a decision because he is the best to answer,’ added Nani.


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