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Why NTR Rejected Vakkantham?

Published: Tue 06th Sep 2016 09:38 AM

Junior NTR Rejected Vakkantham Vamsy Proposal

Junior NTR Upsets Vakkantham Vamsy
Junior NTR Upsets Vakkantham Vamsy

Junior Ntr is on all time career high point. Despite he grew early in stardom with ‘Aadi, Simhadri,’ there was a drastic fall from there on. Later on, when everyone erased Tarak’s name from number game, he started re-evolving from ‘Temper’ and the momentum is awesomely carried to ‘Janatha Garage’ which is breaking almost all non-Bahubali records single handedly.

At this juncture, the news of NTR and Vakkantham Vamsy new movie being reported as shelved is creating tremors in film circles. Last few years, Vamsy has struck to NTR compound and played crucial part in penning the story, script for ‘Temper’ although Puri directed it. What’s the basic reason Tarak kept Vakkantham’s directorial debut a deleted subject from his priority list?

Our sources say, NTR is altogether on a creative evolution trying hard to build a new star image above regular mass heroism. As Vakkantham’s script is more or less a re-hash of monotonous action based cop stories, NTR said sorry. If reports are to be believed, Vakkantham moved into Mega compound and planning to do the same script with Bunny.


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