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Where is This Man for Spl. Status Fight?

Published: Thu 22nd Sep 2016 07:46 PM

Kiran Kumar Reddy Gone Missing!

N Kiran Kumar Reddy in Dormant Mode
N Kiran Kumar Reddy in Dormant Mode

He is a faded out politician now. He need not be recalled at this moment. Moreover, politicians like him, who take temporary retirement, should not be criticized. Yet, he must be remembered at this crucial moment. He must be lambasted by every one and all for his acts of selfishness, say his critics. And he is none other than the former CM of united AP, N Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Kiran Kumar Reddy was reported to have provoked the AP NGOs and the people of Seemandhra to agitate on Samakyandhra. In fact, he was the first man to have learnt that state’s division would be inevitable. Hiding this fact, he made the people trusted that he was the hardcore Samaikyandhra activist. Moreover, he encouraged the people to agitate against Seemandhra union ministers. 

Having believed NKR’s words, people got admired him in such a way they would pour down milk on the cutouts and flexes of NKR. Further they tried to humiliate the charismatic and honest politicians. Finally, state was divided and NKR went on dormant mode. Never ever has he seen for any sort of agitations in residual AP. Had he really got such a love and affection towards AP’s people, he would have taken part in AP’s agitations now. Wish that AP’s people should at least be sensible to cast their votes to a right, honest, non-corrupted and humble politicians in 2019’s elections so that they would get their blunders rectified to some extent.


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