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What Is Hero Rams Problem?

Published: Thu 29th Sep 2016 06:45 AM

Hero Ram Should Change His Attitude

Hero Ram's Strange Opinion on Stardom
Hero Ram’s Strange Opinion on Stardom

Energetic Star Ram seems to have been in a state of anguish for not much known reasons. Especially, he appears to have divergent views with stardom of heroes. It was earlier seen in some of his movies, the hero throwing satires on stardom of heroes.

Ram’s reply to one of the questions in a recent interview invited criticisms. When he was asked why he had not pondered getting his stardom raised as he co-stars enjoying the same on the other side, Ram said he doesn’t like lobbying for stardom. 

This is an anomaly. Ram seems to have found out lobbying as a source to get stardom. In that case, hundreds of stars were born in the industry. One should be talented, dedicated and determined to achieve a stardom. Winning the hearts of millions of people doesn’t come that easier with just lobbying as Ram had thought of. Ram should need sincerity at his work, complete faith on talents. Above all, he should be aware of his merits and demerits becoming a star.


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