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They Turn Anti to Pawan?

Published: Sun 11th Sep 2016 12:03 PM

They Suddenly Turn Anti to Pawan Kalyan!

Yellow Media's Attack on Pawan Kalyan
Yellow Media’s Attack on Pawan Kalyan

As Power Star Pawan Kalyan had supported the TDP for quite some time ago, pro TDP yellow channels and newspapers praised Pawan Kalyan’s moves more than like anything. They got masks covered  like the supporters of Pawan Kalyan and would give utmost importance to the statements of the star.

Pawan Kalyan, however, has been in a state of frustration with the political ploy of the TDP and the BJP which led AP getting special status denied by both the parties. He lambasted both the political parties in his recent public meets and interviews. Obviously, yellow media turned furious on him and has started showing real colours of it. 

A number one yellow newspaper has come up with the headline news of CBN’s statement ‘Moorkhamgaa velithey nashtapotham’ ( If you advances foolishly, you’ll pay for it). This is somehow, appears to be the warning posed on Pawan Kalyan by the media. 

Also, the newspaper covered the statements of Janasena haters with the headings ‘Janasenalo migiledhi chivaraku Pawan okkarey’, ‘Pawan vyakhyalu avivekaaniki nidarshanam’, ‘Pawan pai Telangana nyayavadula firyadu’. etc. Pawan Kalyan might have clearly understood the change of stand of yellow media on him. Likely, yellow media may turn one of the rival groups of Pawan Kalyan and the star needs to have courage facing them in style.


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