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Teachers Counter to RGV!

Director Ram Gopal Varma has turned disgusting again with his derogatory marks and hatred filled tweets against teachers in his twitter page. He crossed all the limits in admonishing the teachers. He alleged that he was knelt down, beaten with duster on knuckles and was even beaten on his head. As such he developed hatred on school. He shamelessly stated, he befriended with bullies and so was the reason incorporating such characters in his films. Further, he informed irrespective of not being taught in schools, he could achieve better position than the teachers. Teachers, however, were fumed at Rgv’s humiliating criticism on them. They came up with following counter attack on Rgv.

* Rgv confines teachers as the ones who just teach in classrooms of the schools. In fact, every person, who inspires us is considered to be a teacher. He/She could be a mother, a father, a hero or any inspiring personality.

* Rgv may be a celebrity now. But then, he has had maximum number of critics than his admirers. 

* He said he had been in a better position despite not having schooling. But there were a couple of more people, who got far better positions than Rgv because of their schooling. In fact, teachers feel proud of the success of their students but never get jealous of their position. 

* Rgv tried to generalize things proclaiming all teachers prefer corporal punishments to the students. But then, there are numerous teachers who are against to corporal punishments. 

* During Rgv’s childhood days old methodology of teaching was followed by the teachers. Right now, teaching has become a ‘play way’ method. A teacher acts as a moderator and as a facilitator for the students. Digital classrooms, computers, libraries and playgrounds are offering abundant entertainment to the kids. Rgv appears like a grand old man for not being known to these facts.

* Rgv says his teacher punished him for reading comics. But today, reading authentic material (other than text books) is a huge advantage for a student as he gets additional marks in Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) mode of evaluation system. 

* Meanwhile, it is learnt that a teachers’ union lodged a complaint against Rgv at Governor Pet of Vijayawada today.

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