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TDP and YM Shivering on Pawan!

Published: Sat 03rd Sep 2016 05:42 PM

TDP and Yellow Media Worrying about Pawan?

TDP and Yellow Media Threatened by Pawan?
TDP and Yellow Media Threatened by Pawan?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan seems to have made even highly talented political analysts nonplussed. The heads of all political parties including ruling TDP also could not make out what is there in Pawan Kalyan’s mind. 

Broadly, Pawan Kalyan gave an impression that he had soft corner on TDP’s head Chandrababu Naidu and had decided to lead AP’s special status movement under the guidance of the BJP. He also ensured that he was the staunch rival of the Congress party.

Yet, Pawan Kalyan and his followers like Sivaji and Bonda Uma are being received brickbats from the TDP’s MLAs particularly. On the other hand, CBN Chandrajyothi media speculated the union government might impose a ban on special statuses to all states so as to put an end to AP’s agitations on special status. All in all, Pawan Kalyan’s latest moves are worrying the TDP’s top brass. Will Pawan Kalyan distances from TDP and the BJP in apart from the Congress Party. Maybe Kakinada’s public meet will answer these questions.


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