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Sushma Swaraj’s Husband Passed Witty Comment on Union Minister

We all know, Sushma Swaraj is the Union Minister for External Affairs. She is very active on various social media platforms like Twitter. She is the most popular and favourite political leader for most of the people on the micro-blogging site. For all the users on Twitter across the country, Sushma Swaraj has become a favourite celebrity for several reasons. She is quite humorous and gives instant replies to her followers and users on the micro-blogging sites.

Every time, Sushma Swaraj grabs the attention of every single user with her funny and jovial comments and responses. But now, her husband Swaraj Kaushal has stolen the attention of Twitter users with his funny comment on his wife Sushma. Here is the comment for which her husband passed a response comment.

Sushma Swaraj’s Husband Passed Witty Comment on Union Minister

On the micro-blogging site, one of the followers of Sushma namely Shishir Nayak has posted an interesting query to the Union Minister of External Affairs. Here is the query!

‘Hi mam @ SushmaSwaraj Ji, @ governorswaraj is following you on Twitter but you don’t follow him, Can I ask why with all respect?’

Everyone expected an answer from Sushma Swaraj but unexpectedly her husband Swaraj Kaushal has given a hilarious reply to that particular query. Her husband is a criminal lawyer in the nation’s capital city of New Delhi. You can check out the response given by her husband to the query asked by a Twitter user.

Kaushal tweeted as ‘I have followed her for 45 years – Can’t change things now.’

This comment has stunned every single user on Twitter. Later, the funny response has acquired several retweets including Sushma Swaraj for that hilarious response. This comment has become like a wild fire which is currently spreading across the users of social media. This incident indicates that the husband of Sushma Swaraj is quite witty on social media similar to his wife. Swaraj Kaushal was the Governor of Mizoram from 1990 to 1993. He was the youngest person in India to become the Governor.

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