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Soha Ali Khan back on blare and visiting temples

Latest update: Soha Ali Khan is an Indian Actress and has been working in the industry from past few years. She ain’t succeeded much on screen and is still trying hard to sustain as an actress among the competition in the film fraternity. Recently, the actress has visited Golden Temple in Amritsar and was attacked on social media by the abusers. Daughter of Mansoor Ali Kahn Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore, Soha has been known among the people she will be soon seen in her upcoming flick releasing on 31st October 2016. After a long time, she is backing up on screens and to make the film success, she made a visit to the famous Golden Temple.

Soha Ali Khan back on blare and visiting temples

What happened after was not expected. The actress was abused and had to face the derogatory comments from the abusers. It’s purely an act of misusing the freedom of expression to abuse the celebrities. A statement was released her saying,” I am all for freedom of expression, but being told how going to temple makes me a non-Muslim is plain callous. My religion is my business alone. Whether I choose to do namaz or go to a church, how does it affect anyone? People should not bother about what’s not their business.”

Belonging to a royal and elegant family, Soha Ali Khan further added saying,” I am not a commodity or so, a particular community cannot owe me. Respect each other’s choices. That’s the culture India signifies, not the one of hatred that people commenting on my timeline are trying to propagate. I try not to be affected by it and frankly as long as no one is coming into my private space or harming me physically, I don’t care. But those who are desperate to have an opinion in my life, at least try to have an educated one.”

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