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Short Route for Fake, Overflows?

Published: Wed 28th Sep 2016 07:54 PM

New Word Introduced for Collection Sheets?

New Word Overflows Rocking in Collection Sheets of Films?
New Word Overflows Rocking in Collection Sheets of Films?

Nowadays, it has become a common practice revealing fake shares of some of the big films. It is heard that PR teams of the movies are inventing innovative techniques to make the audiences and movie lovers believe in their collections.

A new word called ‘Overflows’s is being seen frequently in collection sheets of the movies. Adding a few more collections under this heading, the makers are successfully increasing the numbers of their movies. Most of the cine fans don’t know the meaning of ‘Overflows’. Yet, some of the innocent cine fans are believing ‘Overflows’ numbers, as they felt the word sounds technically strong and appealing. 

Although movie fans have many definitions for ‘Overflows’, most of the trade people opine that ‘Overflows’ means none other than fake collections of movies. Even then, there are good number of people, who contradict with the fake allegation on the word Overflows.


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