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Want to know if the movie “Hyper”, which has been directed by Santosh Srinivas, is a hit or a miss at the Telugu box office? Come let us see.

Cast and Crew:
Ram and Rashi Khanna played the lead roles in the film which has been produced by Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta and Anil Sunkar under 14 Reels Entertainments banner and has been directed by Santosh Srinivas.

Surya (Ram) loves his father Narayanmurti (Satya Raj) a lot. He can’t bear if anything happens to his father. Narayanmurti is an old senior government employee who never participated in corruption since 30 years. When his father thinks to take retirement within 30 days, Rajappa (Rao Ramesh), who is going to become a home minister, enters into his life. Narayanmurti objects to approve the construction of a shopping mall. Rajappa tries to threaten Narayanmurti with the help of Gaja (Murali Sharma), who is already a good friend of Surya. To know wants what Surya is going to do when he gets to know that his father is being threatened one should watch the movie.

Talent of the cast:
Ram, who played the role of a person who has down to earth attitude in his previous film “Nenu Shailaja”, showed his energetic performance in “Hyper”. There is a scope for improvement in dialogue delivery. Ram proved his talent in emotional sequences. Rashi Khanna turned into a commercial actress with this film. Her role in the second half is very limited. Satya Raj got an awesome role again. His role and his performance entertained the audience a lot. Rao Ramesh also has given an energetic performance like Ram. 

Ghibran’s songs were average and couldn’t impress the audience. There is a possibility that he may turn into SS Taman. Abburi Ravi’s conversations attracted the viewers. Actions sequences were shot beautifully. Director Santosh proved his talent by directing the film according to the needs of the commercial films. People who love hyper mass will be attracted to the film.

Rating: 2.75

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