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Pro TDP Medias Desperate Attempts

Published: Sat 17th Sep 2016 05:52 AM

Pro TDP Media Attempts to Go Futile?

Pro TDP Media's Attempts to Save TDP!
Pro TDP Media’s Attempts to Save TDP!

AP is burning with the issues like special category status, Polavaram project’s corruption, Swiss challenge and Vizag’s railway zone. Apparently, pro TDP’s TV channels and newspapers are desperately trying to counter the allegations being made by opposition parties but in vain.

Media is implementing various strategies to rescue the government in various issues. For an instance, a number one news channel gives less importance for the criticisms made by opposition parties on the TDP in their news scrolls and news tickers. In contrast, they give much priority moving the news scrolls of the TDP leaders statements in defense of various issues.

On the other hand, print Media is not only hiding the facts revealed by the opposition parties but also is shamelessly supporting the issues like special package, Swiss challenge, Polavaram project’s cougar dam etc. “All these attempts will become futile exercises if the government is stuck with anti incumbency,” say political analysts.


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