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Pawan Promoting RGV Vangaveeti Bhajana

Published: Sun 11th Sep 2016 11:05 AM

RGV Vangaveeti Bhajana Song Silly Comparison With Pawan

RGV Released Bhajana Song From Vangaveeti
RGV Released Bhajana Song From Vangaveeti

We have said infinite times on how Ram Gopal Varma exploits present situations to maximum in promoting himself and his films. This is yet another classic example and RGV does it with creative ease by linking his ‘Bhajana’ song from ‘Vangaveeti’ with Pawan Kalyan’s song on Kakinada public meeting stage.

‘Pawan Kalyan through his singing unequivocally states emotion doesn’t need sur and intensity doesn’t need taal and overall everything needs nothing. PK is far better in everything but after listening to his singing at Kakinada I think I am little bit slightly better singer than him. To prove my point on my singing capability compared to PK I am releasing a song of Vangaveeti. Please compare with Kakinada song.

All fans of Mahesh, Tarak, Arjun, Prabhas, Ravi Teja, Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan please be honest. Who’s better singer? I request media to ask Devi Sri Prasad to Mani Sharma to Thaman and all the best singers to honestly tell who is better singer between me and PK,’ RGV seems to be literally adopting new ways on social media begging. Of course, who will hear to RGV and his Bhajana voice if he doesn’t mention Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan’s name.


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