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Pawan Kalyan Sparing No One!

Published: Sat 10th Sep 2016 10:36 AM

Can Pawan Evolve As Parallel Political Force in AP?

Pawan Kalyan Preparing Strong Foreground for Jana Sena
Pawan Kalyan Preparing Strong Foreground for Jana Sena

Pawan Kalyan’s political plan is pitched perfectly with Kakinada meet held yesterday. His fight is majorly for winning the special status to Andhra Pradesh. To achieve the objective, he is ready to fight till any extent. For that matter, Pawan’s warning for Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu and big heads of BJP at the centre displayed his ferocity and single mindedness for the fight. 

Pawan seems to be sharpening Jana Sena Party base for upcoming elections with a manifesto centrally to pivot on Andhra Pradesh and people sufferings in this part. Given the weak stance from Naidu and Modi led centre, this is a brilliant opportunity for Pawan Kalyan to evolve as an alternative force in AP. He has got the issues like Telugu self respect and special status to exploit on.

For next one to two years, if Pawan gets his groundwork done, there are significant chances for Jana Sena to strike big. Kakinada meeting has at least proved one thing that there is one right person in Pawan Kalyan who has the caliber and charisma to shine, if the plans are executed on time. For this, he has to spare none… may be his good terms with Naidu and Modi can also get strained. Is Pawan ready for it?


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