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Pawan Kalyan Shouts Louder At Kakinada


Pawan Kalyan’s most awaited Aatma Gaurava Sabha at Kakinada is completed just now. The meeting had packed crowds and his followers were seen waiving Jana Sena party flags. Definitely, this speech is more powerful and more attacking in nature compared to his recent statements on state, central governments unmoved on people demands for granting special status to AP.

Here are the few lines from Pawan Kalyan’s loud shout:

1. I was separated from my elder brother, my vadina, my sisters and my mother supporting BJP and TDP in last elections. When the same parties betrayed us, I am standing in front of you for fighting on behalf of your problems. How can one say that I am working for TDP and BJP? I am here questioning the TDP and BJP leaders. Never dare to question my sincerity, you political opportunists. 

2. I won’t come from a financially well laid family. My grandfather and father were constables. Even now, it is hard for me to earn my food. I am born and bought up teaching social and moral values. I don’t have 1000 of acres to worry about the. As a man who can feel the pain and know the value of hunger, I am answerable only to my people.

3 If a situation comes when I have to sacrifice my films for the sake of solving the people problems by taking up total time for politics, I am ready to do so. At that time, I will beg for my food in front of your houses and you have to feed me.

4 When Congress and BJP have made their minds to solve Telangana problem by bifurcation from 2004, why you leaders haven’t found an alternative capital plan for us. After 42 years of betrayal, you have thrown us out with pain in our stomach.

5 Both Congress and BJP stabbed Andhra Pradesh by making us suffer in a state with no capital.

6 Two rotten laddus offered by centre to our state are useless and tasteless. Our Tapeswaram Kaja, Bandaru Laddu is tastier than these.

7 Telangana leaders have done more injustice to Telangana than Andhra leaders. I have respect and love for Telangana people. I did not touch my food for 11 days when innocent Telangana people suffered during their movement.

8 When Telangana Government respected their martyrs by constructing a memorial sthupa, why is our CM Chandrababu Naidu not doing the same? Where is the respect for our sacrifices?  

9 When TRS leaders abused and mistreated Andhra people, where were our state leaders and why didn’t they question?

10 I am here not to see people suffer further. So, I do not want to support YSR Congres bandh.

11 South India always reeled under distress unlike the redtapism of North Indian leaders who always fought for their people’s wellbeing. I am here to fight against North leaders bifurcated our Telugu people and belittled us. Your sorrow is my sorrow; your pain is my pain. From Kashmir to Kanya Kumari, I fight on everyone behalf because I love my country and my people.    

12 We have waited for a very long time. Do not test our patience. You TDP and BJP leaders, we can teach you lesson in coming years. But, please do not make us more impatient. We have our own Jana Sena if you start using money and goonda power to threaten us. What we are asking for is to fulfill our honest demand for special status. If you cannot give it, please say it. We have our own ways to get a solution.

13 You shame TDP and Congress MPs, eat a pinch of salt and spice. Go into parliament and put up a brave fight. People will at least believe in you for electing them else get down from your positions. If you fight for the state, people will reelect you. There is no need of begging for votes.

14 Venkaiah Naidu garu, Jairam Ramesh garu, Avanthi Srinivas garu… enough is enough. I respect your seniority and experience. Please be an inspiration for Telugu people to lead their movement forward. Stop doing injustice to Seemandhra.

15 South Indians are not inferior to North Indians. We are sensitive and very much similar like you. We love our country and respect our people. Time to show it… Jai Hind…

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