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“Pachipoyina Laddulu” Creates A Stir

The president of Jana Sena party Pawan Kalyan had recently announced that he was planning a series of meetings to fight against issues of Andhra Pradesh. The first such meeting called ‘Seema Andhrula Atma Gourava Sabha’ was held in Kakinada on September 9.

At the meeting, the Jana Sena President made a statement in which compared the BJP government’s special package to Andhra Pradesh State as (pachipoyina laddulu) rotten laddus.

“Pachipoyina Laddulu” Creates A Stir

Rotten Laddus Controversy

The star turned politician Pawan Kalyan’s comment regarding the rotten laddus in the political circles did not go down well with a lot of politicians and BJP leaders after which Pawan Kalyan was attacked from all quarters regarding his “pachipoyina laddulu” rotten laddus controversial statement.

At the Press Meet

After the Kakinada meeting, in his most recent press interview when PK was asked to the reveal the myth behind the controversial laddus comment the star cum politician simply gave a half-hearted reply saying that he will talk about his controversial comment later. This statement again got everybody wondering and puzzled on why Pawan Kalyan lacks clarity on his own comment.

Firstly, what was it so sensational about the laddus comment that he wanted to talk about it at a later time?  Secondly, as there was no explanation about it, it is doubtful if the laddus comment simply said in public and was actually coined by another writer (which is rumored to be Trivikram).

Pawan Kalyan’s reluctance to speak about his own laddus comment that he himself made publicly seems to reflect his confused state of mind which is now a days bothering even the Jana Sena activists.

Contesting Next Elections

Pawan Kalyan announced earlier that he will be contesting the 2019 elections and it is high time the star turned politician quits these kinds of politics that reflect escapism and starts behaving like a real leader who can lead people.

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