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One More Leaked Story of BB 2?

Ace director SS Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali – The Conclusion’ is one of the most awaited films of Tollywood right now. Several leaked stories are making rounds on net. However, the one which is circulating at the moment appears to be the most promising and relevant one. Moreover, ‘Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali’s answer also justified comparing with the previous leaked versions. Checkout the following story in a nutshell. 

* Kattappa continues narrating Baahubali’s story to Shivudu, the son of Amarendra Baahubali.

* Having got the victory on Kalakeya’s kingdom, Baahubali’s assumes power for Mahishmathi kingdom. Bijjala Deva (Nasser) laments for his son Bhallala Deva not being occupied the throne of Mahishmati.

* In the meanwhile, Baahubali falls in love with Kunthala queen Devasena (Anushka) and she too woos him. However, Bhallala Deva also loves her. Bijjala Deva sends a message to Kunthala King seeking his permission for the marriage of Bhallala Deva and Devasena. But his attempts go vain.

* Sivagami (Ramyakrishna) is insisted by Bijjaladeva seeking justice done to Bhallaladeva. Eventually, Shivagami orders Baahubali to choose either Mahishmathi or Devasena. Baahubali decides to go with Devasena and leaves Mahishmathi kingdom to Bhallaladeva. 

* Baahubali and Devasena couple leads a happy and peaceful life in the forest for some time. On the other hand, Kalakeya’s brother Ninja (Charan Deep) invades Mahishmathi kingdom. When the kingdom is on the verge of humiliating defeat from Kalakeyas, Baahubali is called back by Shivagami to save the kingdom.

* A conspiracy is planned by Bhallala Deva and Bijjaladeva to kill Baahubali in the war. They order Kattappa, who always abided by king’s words, to backstab Baahubali. As such Kattappa obeys the order of Bhallala Deva. 

* Shivagami saves the son of Baahubali from Bhalla Deva. 

* Having heard the story narrated by Kattappa, Shivudu decides to kill Bhallala Deva in a war. Kunthala Kingdom supports him in the war. Finally, Devasena takes revenge on Bhalala Deva setting him ablaze.

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