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Nothing Will Damage Cinema

It was the period of early 1980s. There was an emergence of television in the houses of middle class apart from the rich. Everyone would fond of watching Pandula Pempakam (nurturing pigs), Documentaries on various government programs, a parallel Cinema once per every week etc. through one and only channel, Doordarshan. People then thought that Doordarshan would kill Indian Cinema and soon movies would disappear from India. But then, Nothing of that sort was happened. 

It was the moment of early 90s. In addition to TV sets, video players also dominated in electronic world. Everyone would buy video players and would watch pirated movies though they had very poor quality. Since piracy video CDs of new films were available in the market, people thought that movies in India would soon get disappeared. But then, nothing of that sort was happened. 

It was the period of early new millennium. Hundreds of TV channels were available through cable network. People accustomed to watch marathon daily serials which offered great boredom to the TV viewers. Yet, they like to watch the serials as most of the people like to have boredom through TV. Furthermore, entertainment channels started telecasting a good number of films and reality shows everyday. On the other hand, high quality piracy CDs were available in the markets within one week of the release of a new movie. People then thought that Cinema would get disappeared soon. But then, nothing of that sort was happened. 

And now, people have found various sources of entertainment apart from movies. They thought Cinema alone shouldn’t be the only means of entertainment. Mobile phones, computers, ipads, video games, various electronic gadgets, amusement parks and other sources of entertainment is available for the people.

Yet, Cinema stands the biggest entertainment source for the people today and it would be forever. Historians and Archaeologists found the evidences that drama was the biggest entertaining source even thousands of years ago and the tradition is being continued even today. It must be admitted that many theaters were demolished in B and C centers and in some of the A centers some time ago. Nonetheless, latest developments indicate that theaters are again being constructed in cities in the form of multiplexes and in villages as mini theaters. For an instance 10 theaters each in the cities like Kakinada, Rajahmundry etc. were demolished a couple of years back. Multiplex culture balanced the things and the previous number of theaters can be witnessed soon in above cities.

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