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No Need To Carry Driving License and RC Anymore; Keep A Soft Copy Of Them In Digilocker

Are you always getting into trouble because of forgetting your driving license at home?  You no need to face such troubles anymore and can just show a soft copy of your license to the traffic police starting very near in the future.  This new idea will soon come into implementation in the country.

People will not be fined anymore if they forget their driving license and Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle at home.  All thanks to ‘DigiLocker; all these important documents will be stored in national digital locker system which can be verified by traffic police and other law enforcing agencies on need.

No Need To Carry Driving License and RC Anymore; Keep A Soft Copy Of Them In Digilocker

Soft copies of DLs and RCs will now be checked by traffic police

This service will be launched by Transport and IT ministers on Wednesday.  This DigiLocker system will help the person to collectively put all the important papers in one place.  In order to open an account person should have his/her aadhaar card linked to the mobile number.

It is said that when this service comes into action, it will help in the verification of Driving Licenses and Registration Certificates directly through the mobile phone of the user from National registry of vehicle and driver’s data.  The official whoever is verifying need to have the mobile app in first place to check the authenticity of soft documents.

Majorly Telangana and Delhi would be receiving high points because of this new app for verification as the traffic police in these two states have been issuing e-challans lately and the internet connectivity is super good there.  If any violation is done or found in this process, the enforcement personnel can add penalty points using the app.

The appropriate usage of the app and other features of the app will be revealed on its launch.

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