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Nirmala Convent

A film produced by Nagarjuna where in he acted in an important role and sung a special too will definitely have lot of expectations. This is a young love story has many firsts to its credit ,Hero Srikanth’ s son as lead, Koti’s son Roshan Saluri as Music Director, and A.R.Rehamn’s son as singer were introduced in this film. Nagarjuna made all efforts to promote this film to the core. Did live it to the expectations has to seen


Samule and shanthi are classmates studying in their 12th grade. . Shanthi is from a affluent family where as Samule is the son of a farmer. Bothnot only belong to different castes economic sections but also have a family feud running for ages. Samule is a studious guy and Shanthi a fun loving girl. Both fall in love. Taking note of this Shanthi’s father beats up Samule. But Samule ‘s dad understands son’s love and goes to Shanthi’s dad to ask her hand in marriage for his son. There he will be humiliated and sent back with a challenge that if Samule earns wealth like Shanthi’s dad he will agree for wedding. Learning this Samule sets out and reaches Hyderabad and meets Nagarjuna there. What happens hence forth is the story to be seen on big screen.

Analysis :

Director Naga koteshwar rao has picked a very normal story of Rich girl falling in love with poor boy. The concept is really old. Selecting a beaten track of story is ok but making a film the same old fashion is really painful. “Nirmal convent ” being a teenage love story doesn’t really have any flavor of teenage in it. The conflict and confusion between infatuation and love, the simple and sweet things between teenagers are totally missing. There is nothing new to look at in this film. Nag’s entry in 2nd half and his magic hence forth too couldn’t lift the story to any level. There is no entertainment value in this movie and its a big set back. References to Nagarjuna and Annapoorna studios too many times looks too much of boasting off. Ultimately Its a patience testing film

Acting : After a small role in Rudrama devi Roshan is launched as Hero in this film and he did justice to his character. Now its time to wait and see his evolution as a full fledged actor. Shriya was cute and acted well too. Nag’s Character was not upto his range of acting. but encouraging new talents and small budget film is a big achievement for him. Rest all characters did what they are expected to do.

Technical : Music wise “Koth Kotha Basha” already was a good hit in audio , but video was not upto the mark. Tunes are fresh Roshan saluri has a bright future. Cinematography was really good. story and screen play were very mediocre.

CineDhol Perspective :

If you ignore the slow first half and predictable nature of the film, you can give this film a shot for its innocence and Nag’s cameo.

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