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Nag In Words, Venky In Actions

Published: Mon 19th Sep 2016 03:48 PM

Venkatesh Next Two Movies Generating Curiosity

Venkatesh Showing Maturity In Picking
Venkatesh Showing Maturity In Picking

The other day King Nagarjuna was feeling great about an inspiring path taken by greatest actor Amitabh Bachchan in picking the characters and scripts which suit his age and charisma. Bollywood adopted a beautiful trend wherein movies run more on innovative concepts and artist selection is often driven by characterization demands but not the other way round. Nagarjuna had a rational judgment in uttering those words. 

However, Venkatesh seems to have kept these mere words from Nagarjuna into realistic actions. Though a bit late, his choosing of ‘Saala Khadoos’ Telugu remake as ‘Guru’ and ‘Adallu Meeku Joharlu’ with Kishore Tirumala finally bought Venky on his flexibility as an artist.

While ‘Guru’ undoubtedly needs a sturdy homework for Venkatesh to get into Madhavan’s shoes, it positions right into his age factor. On the other hand, ‘Adallu Meeku Joharlu’ will be an unconventional love story of a middle aged man set to get hitched to a young girl much wider in age. So, it’s a matured love story woven on development of humor connected to the age gap between lead pair. More than success and failure, it’s endearing to see Venkatesh getting onto a new track away from run-of-the-mill projects like ‘Babu Bangaram.’


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