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Mohan Babu on Fake Collections!

Published: Sun 18th Sep 2016 03:17 PM

Mohan Babu Opens up on Fake Collections of Films

Mohan Babu Speaks about Fake Collections
Mohan Babu Speaks about Fake Collections

Fake collections of big films has become a debatable topic at the moment and even celebrities have started responding on manipulated collections of movies. Navarasa Nata Thilakam Mohan Babu threw satires on those producers who indulge in fake collections of their films.

“It can clearly be evidenced these days whether the film gets a success or a failure at the box office in just a week. Some of the filmmakers are revealing the collections of their films in spite of not being known whether their films get those collections or not which ultimately lead audience getting nonplussed with the status of the films,” says Mohan Babu.

Mohan Babu also added, “A director, who delivers a hit, hikes his remuneration from 50 lakhs to Rs.2 or 3 crores. Likewise, heroes are also increasing their remunerations. Obviously, producers resort to huge losses with a movie’s failure. That’s why producers should be stubborn with their decisions.”


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