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Majnu Movie Review

Do you want to know if the film “Majnu”, which has been directed by Virinchi Varma, is a hit or a miss at the Tollywood box office? Come let us see.

Cast and Crew:

The film has been produced by Geetha Golla and P. Kiran on Anandi Art Creations and Keva movies banner. Natural Star Nani and Anu Immanuel played the lead roles under Virinchi Varma’s direction. Gopi Sunder composed the music.


Aditya (Nani) completes B. tech at Bheemavaram and goes to Bangalore to search for a job. During his college days he used to like Kiran Mayi (Anu Immanuel) who is also a student from the same village. He turns into a lecturer and teaches the students of the college in order to impress her. Kiran starts loving Aditya slowly. Later on because of the differences between their opinions Kiran misunderstands Aditya and leaves him. As Aditya finds great difficulty in bearing the pain that has been caused because of the heart break, he goes to Hyderabad and works as an assistant director under a famous director. He meets Suma (Priya Sri) at Hyderabad and Suma after learning Aditya’s story falls for him. To know if Aditya finally marries Suma or Kiran one must watch the movie.

Talent of the cast:

Majnu is Nani’s one man show. Nani tried to save the film with the help of his looks and talent. The movie is not a plus point for Nani, but, Nani is the plus point for the movie. It could be said that two beautiful actresses got introduced into Telugu film industry because of the film. Out of both the actors Anu played her role very well. Priya Sri must have taken care of her dialogue modulation. After Nani, Vennala Kishore entertained the audience and made them laugh with his timing. Rajamouli’s cameo and Raj Tarun’s guest appearance is the plus point for the film.


Gopi Sunder’s music entertained the audience. The songs in the film have already become famous. Music composition for the song “Oyy Meghamala” attracted the audience. Virinchi’s direction didn’t reach expectations of the audience, because of which he couldn’t impress the fans. An interesting story must have been used by the director instead of a routine one. The film is going to be a complete disappointment for the viewers, when they compare it with Nani’s previous films and Virinchi’s Uyyala Jampala.


Rating: 2.25/5



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