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Katama Rayudu To Face The Heat!

Published: Mon 19th Sep 2016 12:26 PM

Pawan Kalyan Political Failures To Affect Katama Rayudu

Katama Rayudu To Suffer With Pawan's Political Inconsistency
Katama Rayudu To Suffer With Pawan’s Political Inconsistency

Pawan Kalyan’s inconsistency and immaturity in handling the AP politics is winning more criticism. This is unnecessarily providing scope for his detractors to justify their rating of Pawan Kalyan as a mere ‘Chamcha’ to Chandrababu Naidu. Every time when there is a political lock surrounding TDP or pushing Naidu in troubles, Pawan is entering into the scenario bewitching the people’s attention and thus diluting the controversial issues.

This time when Pawan Kalyan roared at Kakinada meeting announcing a brief political blueprint en-route to win the special status for Andhra Pradesh, there was a small vibration and movement in political circles. However, the start is only short lived because Pawan changed the entire scenario by jumping onto his work for ‘Katama Rayudu.’ This means, he will be unavailable to comment or react on special status till the time, his heart pains for common people.

Intermittent long pauses in implementing the political action plans is one of the basic reasons Pawan is losing the credence among Fans and common audience. All this dishonesty is sure to affect on ‘Katama Rayudu’ because people aren’t fools and of course Fans. Moreover, we have thorough idea on what is Pawan’s sincerity as an actor too.


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