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Karnataka Buyers Should Learn from Kerala!

Published: Tue 20th Sep 2016 09:11 PM

Karnataka Buyers Should Be Keen on Genuine Collections

Karnataka Buyers Should Learn from Kerala Buyers!
Karnataka Buyers Should Learn from Kerala Buyers!

The buyers and exhibitors of various states of India seem to have been taking separate stands on revealing collections of their films. Since there has been a good box office tracking system in the US, genuine collections of films are known in most of the cases while this is not the case with other countries. 

As far as South India is concerned, genuine shares of Telugu films are known with DCR (Daily Collection Reports) proofs. However, these DCRs are also being manipulated by some filmmakers as part of promotions of their films. Fortunately, the number is confined just two or three filmmakers.

In Kerala, genuine gross collections are revealed by the exhibitors and buyers as such exact status of the films are known to us. In Karnataka too, genuine shares of Telugu films were revealed by the buyers till some days ago. Even today, most of the buyers who acquire the rights of Telugu films reveal genuine shares of the films. However, a few Telugu heroes and Karnataka buyers are reportedly indulging in disclosing the fake collections of Telugu films. Movie lovers wish Karnataka should follow Kerala box office in disclosing the genuine collections of Telugu films.


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