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Jokes on Those Films in Social Media!

Published: Tue 20th Sep 2016 06:35 AM

They Troll Those Films in Social Media!

Social Media Turned out a Platform for Online Wars
Social Media Turned out a Platform for Online Wars

Social Media might have been one of the effective tools of communication. Especially, it flaunts the attitudes of the individuals. Unfortunately, this Social Media has now become turned as an adda for online wars which, somehow, appears to be a Rachabanda of our villages. 

Every now and then we witness wars among fans in Social Media. Some of the posts or pics go overboard with foul languages. Healthy trend of debates is completely gone missing which makes the Social Media’s lovers frustrated. 

It is now heard that some of the netigens are trolling the films which they felt have been highlighted with fake shares. Their posts makes the fans of respective heroes lamenting. In fact, collections announced by the filmmakers of respective films are part of strategies of promotions. As such, netigens should understand the filmmakers woes and shouldn’t post any jokes on the films which would hurt the feelings of fans and movie lovers.


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