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Janatha Garage


Small budget films believe in content and big budget films believe in star power. But if at all content meets star power then we can get a blockbuster like ” “Srimanthudu” Will Koratala Shiva who is riding high on Srimanthudu success be able to sustain his tempo in ” Janatha Garage ” is a thing we should know now.

Story: Satyam (Mohan Lal) is a repair garage owner. If some approaches him with a problem he will stand by them and solves the problem with his gang. Villains kill his brother ,and to save his child Anand (Ntr) frm them he packs him off to Mumbai for survival. There Anand grows into an environmental activist. He loves his Uncles daughter Bujji(Samantha) very much. He travels to Hyderabad on some work and meets chinna in an unforeseen circumstances. Chinna is none other than son of Satyam . There after how Anand meets Satyam and how he takes over Janatha garage to help people forms the crux of the story

Analysis :

Unlike his films “Mirchi” and “Srimanthudu ” this films lacks the content in story. There are no emotional twists and turns which can keep the audience engaged. Hero is introduced as environmental activists ,which he never goes back to that after his character is established,it never has any continuation in the story. There is no strong emotional connect in this film,neither dose it has comedy to lift the mood. The whole story is on a serious note and that is a big set back.

!st half Mohan lal has strong presence and second half Ntr . But its a pity that in second half Mohan lal is completely sidelined . Even though 2,3 scenes had the strength it was not enough to lift the film all together. Over all its a disappointment on hype it generated.

Acting: Ntr and Mohan lal are proven actors and they excelled in scene they have been given. Nothing is there to talk about villain, a weak villain is another set back for this film. Talking about heroines the lesser the better, because both are just guest appearances.None of the other actors have any strong presence.


CineDhol Perspective :

Over all if your are Ntr fan you wont be disappointed by his acting. Go with out any expectations , may be you will enjoy.

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