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Indira the Best and Modi the Weak PMs?

Published: Thu 22nd Sep 2016 10:19 PM

Comparisons between Indira and Modi?

Indira Gandhi the Best and Modi the Weakest?
Indira Gandhi the Best and Modi the Weakest?

The terrorist attack at Uri sector and the chain of political events which followed triggered thought provoking discussions among political analysts. Many analysts claimed that the former PM Indira Gandhi was the best PM while the present PM Narendra Modi the weakest ever in handling problems created by the rival country, Pakistan. 

As Pakistan provoked a violent struggle between the two countries in 1971, Indira Gandhi had to declare a war against Pakistan. Eventually, Indian military forces pulverized Pakistan’s army which, further, led formation of Bangladesh. Indira Gandhi stood as the role model for the entire nation then.

It was so pathetic to see 17 patriots killed at Uri sector. Entire India’s blood is boiling with this tragedy and the youth wants to take a revenge on Pakistan. At this framework, Modi should deal the issue more tactfully than anything else. Unfortunately, his PR team is reportedly circulating cooked up stories which say Indian army had crossed the line of control and eliminated 20 terrorists. However, army sources rubbished the fake news of the online web portal and made it clear that no such sort was happened. And now, Modi’s well wishers want the PM should contemplate sensible strategies to teach a lesson to Pakistan in lieu of thinking about political gimmicks as the politicians usually tend to apply them to face opposition parties.


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