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How Can Akira Be Linked To Mahesh?

Published: Mon 05th Sep 2016 09:59 AM

Mahesh Babu, Murugadoss Unmoved With Akira Average Talk

Akira To Have Zero Effect On Mahesh, Murugadoss Film
Akira To Have Zero Effect On Mahesh, Murugadoss Film

Is Mahesh Babu really worried about AR Muruagdoss’s latest Hindi directorial ‘Akira’ getting meager response in Bollywood? No, that could not be the case so. Murugadoss has done this flick out of pure passion and impulsive excitement watching the Tamil original ‘Mouna Guru.’ Although many changes were made into the original script my amending it from a hero centric plot to heroine oriented project, Muruga hasn’t left the soul.

Basic problem critics reported about ‘Akira’ was unrealistic appeal although Sonakshi Sinha’s performance, Muruga’s gripping narration with layered mystery was presented effectively. In fact, ‘Akira’ is rated for finest performance from Sonakshi till date. 

Whatsoever, the sensibilities in Bollywood and Tollywood audiences are contrasting. The current project Muruga is dealing with Mahesh Babu is written by him-self. So, he understands the actual essence and nuances on exploiting the best out of each character. Of course, presence of Mahesh Babu is much more advantageous than Sonakshi in ‘Akira.’ It is improper to compare ‘Akira’ with Mahesh Babu’s movie to analyze the present Murugadoss form. Every project is a new challenge and Mahesh, Muruga know this basic bact.


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