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Fake Shares of Films to Be Taken Light?

With each passing day, filmmakers are coming up with innovative means of publicity of their films. Some of the promotional techniques are really awe-inspiring and should be adopted by every filmmaker.

On the other hand, some more promotional techniques of producers offer nauseating experience to the movie patrons. Among innumerable ways of promotions of movies, running centers and collections stand top. Ever since the first talkie film ‘Bhaktha Prahlada’ hit the screens in 1932, movie lovers have been fond of of knowing either running centers or collections of the films so as to measure the success/failure range of films. 

Also, movie lovers wish to know the genuine shares and centers of movies. Sadly, some of the filmmakers and artists are promoting their films with fake collections. Until the end of previous millennium, fake centers were announced by the producers of some of the films, as they were forced by some stars to do so. 

However, the trend of Fake Shares was started officially in 2011. From then on, a few of the filmy personalities preferred promoting their films with hiked shares. Until last year, 1st day or 1st week shares of only few areas of Telugu states were hiked by the filmmakers. But the trend has been changed now. The shares collected by the films for each area are being hiked. But the fact is that the fittest would be survived at last, else, manipulations can’t raise the status of films. As such Fake Shares of films should be taken light.

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