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Every Paisa Counts for Raviteja!

Published: Thu 29th Sep 2016 11:22 AM

Raviteja Hasn’t Slashed His Remuneration

Raviteja Is Against Fees Cutting
Raviteja Is Against Fees Cutting

Post the success of ‘Bengal Tiger,’ hero Raviteja is unable to find a director like director Sampat Nandi and a producer like Radha Mohan to begin his next project. Apparently, stringent remuneration demands from Mass Raja are quoted as basic reasons why he isn’t finalizing any movie. Star producers like Dil Raju, DVV Danayya and Damodara Prasad tried to materialize couple of scripts but were unhappy with imbalance in budget and recovery equations on Raviteja.

In contrast to current reports floating on Raviteja slashed his remuneration by 2 Crores to work with debutant director Vikram Siri and producer Nallamalupu Bujji, they are known to be just framed. Close associates to Raviteja have provided valuable information on Mass Raja hasn’t downsized his remuneration and he is no way going to accept it. He is utmost careful and does not leave even 1 Rupee of his fee because every paisa counts for him. 

Producers are generally forced to curtail their budgetary equations on other making aspects without touching his remuneration. There is also a danger of other producers forwarding similar requests to Raviteja in future projects. To discourage such appeals, Raviteja is completely against any drop in his final fee.


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