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Difference btw. Special Status and Package

Special Status issue has become the burning problem of residual Andhra Pradesh state. People have got developed a broad idea on Special Status that it would change the face of the state. In lieu of announcing the Special Status, the union government offered special package to the state. The CM Chandrababu Naidu welcomed Jaitely’s special package. According to analysts, special package is merely a squander in comparison with the benefits gained by the state with Special Status. The differences between Special Status and special package have been enlisted in following table.

Special Status                                                                SPECIAL PACKAGE

———————————–                                    ———————————–

* The constitution recognizes some states               * No constitutional recognition.

  as historically in disadvantaged condition.

* Funds must be allocated in in every                      * The union government need not 

  year’s annual budget.                                              necessarily allocate funds.                                                            

* All areas of a state are equally developed.             * Only a few areas chosen by state 

                                                                                    government  are developed.

* People of all sections/castes will be                        * Only a few sections/castes will be

  benefited.                                                                  benefited.

* No chance of corruption.                                        * High chances of corruption.

* Thousands of industries and lakhs of                     * Entrepreneurs/ Industries hesitate to 

  appointments are possible.                                       invest funds.

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