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Avasarala Fears Did Not Come True!

Published: Thu 15th Sep 2016 04:44 PM

Avasarala Wasn’t Assured Of Jyo Achyuthananda Success

Avasarala Relieved With Jyo Achyuthananda Success
Avasarala Relieved With Jyo Achyuthananda Success

Like every writer and director, Avasarala Srinivas was apprehensive on final result of his latest flick ‘Jyo Achyuthananda.’ In fact, a story might sense good when written on paper and made into a bound script. There is lot of room for this essence to go missed when the same is captured into a camera. Avasarala Srinivas has undergone the similar painful moments when he got the final product ready for release.

‘It was everything perfect for me when I bought ‘Jyo Achyuthananda’ on paper. Every member in my team gave their 100 per cent during production and post production. Once I got the footage on editing table, I found it contrasting to my visualization. Being writer and director, I know that problem would be only from my end. I went into depression from last two months and was doubtful about the result. I am literally feared as release times neared by. But, today the reports have been promising and I am relieved of my pressure,’ said Avasarala.   

‘Jyo Achyuthananda’ from producer Sai Korrapati is faring decently in domestic and overseas markets. Looks like Avasarala’s fears did not come true and he is all set to begin the work for his third directorial after wrapping his acting assignment ‘Hunterr.’


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