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AP Lucky To Have Pawan Kalyan

Published: Fri 02nd Sep 2016 04:37 PM

RGV Late Reaction On Pawan Kalyan!

RGV Understood Pawan Kalyan Political Plan
RGV Understood Pawan Kalyan Political Plan

It happened almost one week or more after Pawan Kalyan delivered a strong speech in Tirupathi enumerating his future political plan to lead the agitation against ruling Governments in State and centre for attaining a special status for Andhra Pradesh. However, Ram Gopal Varma seems to be very late in watching this speech video and this is his reaction. 

‘There genuinely is no other leader than Pawan Kalyan in entire Andhra Pradesh. His Fieriness is his POWER and his Sincerity is his STAR. Just watched entire PK speech and realised that he very deeply understands what he is talking about and his 3 leveled fights (strategy) is very correct. Dumb people will take time to understand Pawan Kalyan’s very intelligently thought out movement plan. People of AP are lucky to have PK,’ RGV expressed.

When RGV thinks a fewer section of people as dumb, why can’t he explain the beauty behind Pawan Kalyan three staged strategy? Is this RGV’s satirical attack or a serious praise on Pawan?


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