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Allari Naresh utilize this chance or not?

The Comedy King of Telugu Cinema, Allari Naresh was very famous in the industry shining bright at one time. But, his stars seem falling as his films started to flop at the box office reduce the craze of the actor among the audience. The actor is fledging up on hits and flops from few years and it seems like it is long time the hero has given any hit and most of his movies are dropping. This leads to a major drawback in the actor’s career life. If brushing back to the favorable times, the actor used to appear in more than 7 films in a year all giving hits and looks like the fate changed and slowly the fame and luck turned around.

Can Allari Naresh Utilise This Chance?

 Allari Naresh slowed down in professional terms and started to opt for a project carefully and is taking full time needed before going making any commitment. The latest news reveals that Yesterday, Naresh’s “Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam” movie first look was unveiled and it looked interesting directing attention of the audience. The director of the film is G. Nagaswara Reddy very well known for his comedy scenes. The movie is said to be horror-comedy film produced by BVSN Prasad.

The sources say that the shooting of the film has started way before and will be completed by second or third week of September. The film is scheduled to release in Dussehra. And the distributors are showing interest in the film and all the theatrical rights for 4 areas are already sold out. It would be great to see the hero in the movie and wait and see whether Allari Naresh will utilize the opportunity and deliver a hit again at the box office as it is very much needed.

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