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After Heroes, Naresh Falls On Devils!

Published: Mon 05th Sep 2016 05:09 PM

Intlo Deyyam Naakenti Bhayyam, A Horror Comedy Spoof

Intlo Deyyam Naakenti Bhayyam, Naresh Spoofs On Hit Devils
Intlo Deyyam Naakenti Bhayyam, Naresh Spoofs On Hit Devils

One of the basic reasons why Allari Naresh fell back in career is his excessive spoofing of all super star heroes and their blockbuster movies. Of course, his story, script and director selection also had its share of wrong credits but Naresh appears to be a late learner. After the recent disaster result for ‘Selfie Raja,’ everyone thought that he would try something away from regular stereotyped flicks but reports say he is following the same parodies, for a change not on heroes.

According to reports we heard from film sources, Naresh’s upcoming project ‘Intlo Deyyam Naakenti Bhayyam’ is again a ruthless parody of all recent super hit horror comedies. Director G Nageshwar Reddy who lost credibility with failure ‘Aataadukundam Raa’ is dealing Naresh by juicing on hit spooky movies, right from Tollywood, Kollywood to Bollywood, Hollywood.

BVSN Prasad is said to be the producer bankrolling a decent budget guaranteeing high production standards. It needs to be wait and seen; how good is this decision from Naresh, Nageshwar Reddy to trick with devil comedies pays off at Box Office?


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