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Young Heroes Act As Brothers!

Published: Wed 31st Aug 2016 08:30 AM

Rohit, Shourya As Brothers In Jyo Achyuthananda

Nara Rohit, Naga Shourya, Regina In Jyo Achyuthananda
Nara Rohit, Naga Shourya, Regina In Jyo Achyuthananda

When two teenage brothers almost belonging to same age group if fall in love with a same girl, how interesting and how exciting the tale can be? ‘Jyo Achyuthananda,’ the new movie from producer Sai Korrapati and director Avasarala Srinivas is dealing a same point with lighter vein entertainment. Nara Rohit and Naga Shourya are playing two lovely brothers who look for the same girl Regina. Fun ride later on will be the whole driving force for movie.     

‘When Avasarala Srinivas narrated this story line one year back, I instantly liked the point and accepted it. I personally love to do more rom-coms and this is one of the most typical films in such genre. As per my knowledge, I think no one in Telugu cinema attempted this sort of a story till date. I am more confident than producer Sai Korrapati garu because I know this project will be a success much earlier when it was kept on paper,’ Nara Rohit informed us.

‘Jyo Achyuthananda’ songs have already become popular for pleasantly soothing melodies and meaningful lyrics. Let us see, how Rohit and Shourya look apt as brothers in this upcoming film releasing on September 9.


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