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Yeleti Reacts On Mohal Lal Voice!

Published: Wed 03rd Aug 2016 02:08 PM

Chandrasekhar Yeleti Answers On Mohan Lal Voice For Manamantha

Mohan Lal Telugu Voice Had Malayalam Slang: Yeleti
Mohan Lal Telugu Voice Had Malayalam Slang: Yeleti

There is a big discussion going on about Mohan Lal’s dubbing on own for his character in upcoming film ‘Manamantha.’ In fact, the first teaser rolled out few weeks back showed the weakness in Mohan Lal’s voice and dialogue modulation remained in non-sync with our popular Telugu dialect. This teaser has raised various doubts among cinema loving audience on how far Mohan Lal’s sincerity would affect final output.

Anyways, who else can be the better person to react on this issue? Director Chandrasekhar Yeleti informed Cinejosh exclusively on what went behind in using Mohan Lal’s original voice for the final dubbing.

‘It was Mohan Lal sir who took the decision and wanted to dub on own. I too was a little apprehensive on how far he would be able to pronounce Telugu words with typical Malayalam accent. It was too early to pass on a judgment after watching the first teaser which had some problem. But, I follow a simple rule. Only those artists who perform for a role before camera will be the best persons to know emotional depth in it. 

Though, you might observe a typical Malayalam slang in Mohan Lal’s voice during the first two to three scenes. Later on, you follow the characterization and get into the mood with his voice. We want audience to be prepared for this before going to watch the movie. Final output matters and he has done a very good job,’ Yeleti said.


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